Thinking of Moving?

We’ll explore Instant Offers, Guaranteed Sales, Equity Sales, and everything in between to find the right fit for you. Ask us about the old fashioned brokerage advantages.


When Creating Your Plan for Selling, We’ll Explore

  • Where you’re headed
  • The best time to sell
  • The best method to transfer some or all of our equity to your next nest
  • If you should you remodel and stage your home prior to sale and how to pay for it
  • If you can take a lower property tax base with you to your next nest
  • Taxes involved in selling and moving
  • What to do with excess furniture and personal possessions
  • Who to trust for packing, moving, and unpacking

Is It Better to Sell First or Buy First?

We’ll consider:

  • Instant offers
  • Equity purchases
  • Guaranteed sales
  • Bridge loans
  • Concierge Services
  • Relocation Services

The Transaction Timeline

The Marketing Timeline

Get Your Home's Value

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